After years of research and study, armed only with patience and an unlimited passion for the master’s work, we present a modest but useful resource, meeting point for whoever desires to approach or deepen their knowledge of Prof. Brian J.Cock studies.
With profound humility we’ll offer a series of information and in-depth examinations of some of the works of this massively underrated intellectual, whose theories and breakthroughs have constantly been under the attack of the accademical freemasonry still to this very day, with a powerful and devastating effect.
We’ll also try and answer any of your question about the many Cockian Theories, concious of the fact that such an imponent compedium of studies can present many difficulties for whoever approaches for the first time the master’s work as well as for who, like us, devoted long years to the cause of bringing back light some of the most important theories of the last three centuries, giving our small contribute to the long and sorry struggle against this modern day Accademical Obcuratism.




Brian J.Cock, from his precocious contribute to Quantum Mechanics to the exuberant philosophical career, from the logical neopositivism to the Artificial Intelligence. Tribute to the revolutionary Genius.